Measuring Dole’s performance is not just about transparency – it is also a means of assessing the Company’s daily practices in order to set beneficial goals, facilitate growth and improve systems across operations.  To help reach these goals, Dole has undergone a variety of certifications.

Currently, Dole is in transitioning to a global Information Technology (IT) tool that compiles key sustainability indicators from each division. These indicators will include several parameters and environmental sustainability factors, such as use of fertilizers, consumption of water and consumption of energy – particularly fuel and electricity – to name a few.



As a company dedicated to offering consumers the highest quality products, Dole follows rigorous production processes and management systems in critical areas, such as Good Agricultural Practices, environmental protection, occupational safety and labor conditions. Not only does Dole maintain constant compliance with all applicable laws, but it also has taken extra measures to receive external certifications with the most stringent international requirements in those areas.

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