Social Responsibility

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As a worldwide producer of fruits and vegetables, Dole International Holdings operates around the globe, employing tens of thousands of individuals as growers, harvesters, scientists, packers, sales people and the like.  Dole is committed to offering employees education, protection and necessary tools for personal growth and development in their communities.

Dole also has a strict Code of Conduct that all employees must sign and follow. Part of this Code of Conduct requires employees  to comply with Dole’s environmental policy.

Many of Dole’s areas of operation consist of rural communities, some of which face political and economic uncertainties. As a way to reduce the impact of these issues and improve the quality of life for residents, Dole provides a stable source of employment with wages and benefits often exceeding legal standards. Many Dole operations also offer health, sports, social and educational activities for the entire community.

Finally, Dole has developed a constructive dialogue with its stakeholders. The Company believes that these open dialogues are crucial for the development of mutual understanding and confidence between involved parties in overcoming local challenges, defining priorites around new programs or taking any actions that affect the community at large.

Dole greatly values its employees’ contributions to responsible development and is proud of the positive role it has played in improving their lifestyles and enriching their communities.

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Dole is committed to treating its employees with openness, candor and respect. In each country where the Company has operations, it complies strictly with applicable labor codes and requires that its management team reviews working conditions on a regular basis to ensure that compliance is maintained. Dole also works in collaboration with the representatives elected by its workers, practices a non-discriminatory policy, as per the principles developed in the International Labor Organization’s Conventions, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Working conditions in the Company’s facilities are designed to protect the health and well-being of all employees.  Field workers receive extensive training on safely applying crop protection products and are required to use the appropriate protective clothing during all of their activities.



In many of its production areas, Dole offers local residents with medical programs, educational services, home maintenance, schools, sports facilities, roads, hospitals and safe drinking water.

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Environmental Policy


Dole has a strict environmental policy applicable to its worldwide operations.  As per the Company’s Code of Conduct, all employees and key suppliers, must sign and comply with this policy.

Dole also provides its independent growers with direction, technical guidance and training in safety and environmental protection.

Stakeholder Involvement

Central to Dole’s activities is a commitment to provide transparent information on the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility practices.  In doing so, Dole maintains an open and constructive dialogue with its stakeholders, as well as its customers, suppliers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, employees, trade unions, community representatives, shareholders and investors. These discussions address current and future issues facing the agricultural industry and yield effective solutions in overcoming related challenges.

Dole believes that these open dialogues are crucial for the development of mutual understanding and confidence between involved parties, whether holding similar views or not. In some sectors, such as labor and environmental areas, the Company has signed partnership agreements with local stakeholders that aim to resolve local issues before they expand into bigger problems.

Other agreements set a framework to ensure that communities and their representatives can promote their views when developing new community programs.  Dole’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs are proactive methods for responding to some of the current and future challenges affecting our communities.